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August 12, 2011

Best Spiritual guide now available to lead you on to a fast track to Enlightenment.      The two main advantages of reaching Enlightenment:

1   enjoy a calmer, more peaceful life
2   enjoy a “softer landing” at the end of life

So maybe you are angry at someone who treated you badly in business, or in your personal life.   Or, maybe you feel guilty for taking advantage of someone, or ending someone else’s life.      Maybe you’re having trouble getting over grieving for a loved one you’ve lost.      Perhaps you just want to overcome fear of dying.

I can help you.    I will give you the essential information you need in a short time, like during the course of a leisurely lunch.     Then I will be available, as needed, for follow-up help and guidance.     I speak plainly.    I don’t use religious sayings, or philosophical mumbo-jumbo.

Do you believe in a Higher Power?
Do you lack the “faith gene” that’s needed to follow organized religion?
Do you want to enjoy living a more serene life?
Do you want to overcome fear of death?

I have achieved true Enlightenment, and I can help you do the same.

Satisfaction guaranteed.



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